Monday, October 21, 2019

Week of October 21st - October 25th

Hello families, 

Our student council executive board has been decided:

President - James Davidson
Vice President - Stella Koch
Treasurer - George Pohlschneider
Secretary - Gracie Koch


Our first student council meeting will be tomorrow afternoon at 12:15! 

The week ahead looks like this;
Math - Tuesday we have Art Smarts during this time. We will be taking our math test this week on Thursday. 

Science - We are talking about photosynthesis and starting a class experiment to explore the scientific process that we will be then implementing in our science fair projects. 

Language Arts - We are reading the Westing Game and as we read we are keeping track of characters and clues to try and solve the mystery. We will also be working on our narratives. Students have turned in their rough drafts and we will be working on adding to our stories. 

Social Studies - Last week we split into groups and wrote songs about the three branches of government. This week we will be talking about the process that our founding fathers went through to write The Constitution and we will be creating our own classroom constitution. 

Important dates: 
October 22nd - All Haunted Hut supplies (non-food items) due to school! 
October 25th - Noon Release
October 31st - Haunted Hut & Halloween

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