Thursday, September 12, 2019

Week of 9/9-9/13

Hello families,

This week has been packed full of work for these 7th and 8th graders. It was great seeing those that could make it to the open house, if you couldn't make it and have questions for me please don't hesitate to reach out at any time! I am available by email and I'd love to set up a face to face if you would like to chat in person!

Here is a review of what we did this week and a sneak peak into what next week looks like:

Math: We are still in the review units of our Math curriculum. Today, Thursday, September 12th, students took their first Renaissance Math assessment for they year. Students did well and we will be using that data throughout the year. Algebra students will be taking their first test next Tuesday on the first 4 lessons of our math unit. They are already ready and I have no doubt they will do fantastic.

Science: This week we have been doing more review of the parts of a cell and their functions. We will be using this information to dive deeper next week into how those parts help in different types of cells, and we will get to take a close up look at different types of cells in our first lab of the year.

Reading: This week we started our first novel study. We are working through R. J. Palacio's novel Wonder. It is a fantastic story where we get to explore the different points of views of many different characters. We will be using that information to see how the different points of view effect how the author chooses to tell the story, and how the other characters are seen through one another's eyes. We will also be making connections to how we see others through our eyes, and how what we see and what they are experiencing can be very different sometimes. Next week we will be continuing the novel and diving into Parts 2 through 4.

Friday, September 13th we are going to be taking our Renaissance Reading assessment.

Writing: At the end of last week we took our first writing assessment so I could see where students were and what skills we are going to focus on. This week we have done a lot of exploration with thesis statements and by next week students will have written their first polished essays of the year. We will be working on the body paragraphs tomorrow and then next week we will be focusing on how to effectively edit their papers and they will be typing their papers for their first item in their online portfolio.

Social Studies: This week we have started to build our class' American History Timeline. We started with depictions of the events that students presented in their slideshows last week. Today we will begin our study of the different battles of the American Revolution by putting ourselves in the shoes of the soldiers. We will be walking through each battle and discussing the effects that those battles had on the Colonists and the British. Next week we will continue our journey and we will end the week with an escape room style lesson about Valley Forge.

Fantasy Football (Math extension): Students have each created their own fantasy football teams. After the first week of the NFL regular season we have determined the stats of each of their players and have calculated the points that they have earned. As the season progresses we will be using this information to find out the averages of the players' stats, working on problem solving skills when a specific player doesn't do as well as they hoped how can they make changes for the following week to strengthen their team.

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