Monday, November 4, 2019

Week of November 4th

Happy November Everyone!

Daylight savings time ended this past Sunday and hopefully we were able to all use that extra hour for some extra sleep!
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The Book Fair is happening now in the lunch room. Monday-Friday from 3pm-4pm.

Last week was amazing, the students all worked so hard on the Haunted Hut they helped raised about $250 for our D.C. Trip. We spent some time celebrating on Friday.

This week we have our class breakfast on Wednesday and our second book report is due Wednesday as well!

This week each student will be working on their Freckle accounts for homework this week. Each student has an individualized goal sheet that they are working on and will spend at least 20 minutes each night trying to reach that goal, as well as some time in class working in small groups with me.

Science this week has students wrapping up their tropism experiments. We will be working as a class to practice our science write up just like students will be doing for the science fair this year.

This week we will also be finishing our mystery novel The Westing Game. Students will be writing a response paper to the novel about a character of their choice.

In social studies we are continuing to explore the Declaration of Independence and how our government was formed. Students will have the chance this month to watch a live streaming of the Oregon Legislative Committee meeting.

Important Dates:
11/4-11/8 - Book Fair
11/5: End of Quarter
11/6: Book Reports Due
11/6: Class Breakfast
11/11: No School Veterans Day
11/12: ArtSmarts
11/13: Reports Cards Out
11/27: 11am Dismissal
11/28-11/29: No School

Monday, October 21, 2019

Week of October 21st - October 25th

Hello families, 

Our student council executive board has been decided:

President - James Davidson
Vice President - Stella Koch
Treasurer - George Pohlschneider
Secretary - Gracie Koch


Our first student council meeting will be tomorrow afternoon at 12:15! 

The week ahead looks like this;
Math - Tuesday we have Art Smarts during this time. We will be taking our math test this week on Thursday. 

Science - We are talking about photosynthesis and starting a class experiment to explore the scientific process that we will be then implementing in our science fair projects. 

Language Arts - We are reading the Westing Game and as we read we are keeping track of characters and clues to try and solve the mystery. We will also be working on our narratives. Students have turned in their rough drafts and we will be working on adding to our stories. 

Social Studies - Last week we split into groups and wrote songs about the three branches of government. This week we will be talking about the process that our founding fathers went through to write The Constitution and we will be creating our own classroom constitution. 

Important dates: 
October 22nd - All Haunted Hut supplies (non-food items) due to school! 
October 25th - Noon Release
October 31st - Haunted Hut & Halloween

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Student Council Elections & Class Update

Hello families,

This year 7th and 8th grade will make up the student council. We have students running for three of the executive board positions. They will be making speeches to the whole school tomorrow first thing in the morning.

The students running for president are:



Running for Vice President: 


We have one student running unopposed for Treasurer:


Class Update: 

We have been working hard these last few weeks.

We finished our Wonder unit and we are starting a mystery unit today. We will become our own detective agencies as we try to solve the mystery in The Westing Game.

We have survived the American Revolution and we will be heading to help write the Constitution with our founding fathers.

Science fair projects are being discussed in depth this week as we iron out those last few wrinkles to make sure that we have solid science fair projects. We will begin working on those initial details this week during class.

Important Dates: 

October 18th - 8th graders will be gone to a CPR class. 7th graders will be working on a service project in the classroom, as well as planning a whole class service project for later in the year.

October 25th - Noon Dismissal

November 6th - 2nd book report due

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Week of 9/16 - 9/20

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Hey 7th & 8th grade families, 

This week has been a little busier than the last but our class is working hard and learning lots of new things. 

Reading/Writing: This week we worked more on Wonder and the vocabulary that comes along with the book. We should be finished with the book next week and we will be watching the movie to compare and contrast the two. We will be working on literary responses that go along with this story as well. 

We have also began our first monthly book report. Students were each given a binder with different choices for ways to do a book report. They will finish their first chapter book and their first book report by October 9th. 

Math: Algebra students took their first test and did fantastic. 

Science: We got to use microscopes for the first time this week, we will be doing swabs of our cheeks and watching our cheek cells under a microscope to see if we can see the different stages of the cell cycle happening. We also introduced the science fair project that we will focus on through out the first half of the year. Student are going to have their ideas ready to propose for approval by September 25th. We will be doing a lot of this work in class but students may need some help at home, either gathering supplies or conducting experiments. 

Social Studies: We have packed a lot of information in to this week. We finished our battle simulations and students will be giving their presentations this afternoon about the battle they were assigned with their partner. We have added some pictures to our class timeline and will continue to do so throughout the year filling up a lot of our wall space. Students also have a famous person that impacted the American Revolution that they are studying. They will be presenting to the class next week, I have given them the freedom to create any sort of visual that they would like to aid in their presentation that is due September 24th. 

Class News: We have decided on our first class breakfast. We are going to make breakfast burritos. Students have signed up to bring items. I will send out an email with the list of what each student has signed up for. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me. Our class breakfast will be Wednesday, October 9th. 

DC Trip Info: We have a meeting this evening, it is not mandatory but if you would like to chat with us, talk about questions you might have or discuss fundraising ideas we will be starting tonight, Thursday, at 3:15 in our classroom. For those that can't make it, information will be sent home tomorrow with your students. 

175th Anniversary: Reminder that this weekend is our 175th Anniversary Mass and Brunch. Mass is at 9am followed by brunch at 10am. 

As always, if you have any questions please reach out! 

Important Dates:

September 22nd - 175th Anniversary
September 25th - Stella and Gracie's Birthday
October 3rd - Picture Day
October 9th - First Class Breakfast
October 11th - No School - In-service
October 14th - No School - Conferences

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Week of 9/9-9/13

Hello families,

This week has been packed full of work for these 7th and 8th graders. It was great seeing those that could make it to the open house, if you couldn't make it and have questions for me please don't hesitate to reach out at any time! I am available by email and I'd love to set up a face to face if you would like to chat in person!

Here is a review of what we did this week and a sneak peak into what next week looks like:

Math: We are still in the review units of our Math curriculum. Today, Thursday, September 12th, students took their first Renaissance Math assessment for they year. Students did well and we will be using that data throughout the year. Algebra students will be taking their first test next Tuesday on the first 4 lessons of our math unit. They are already ready and I have no doubt they will do fantastic.

Science: This week we have been doing more review of the parts of a cell and their functions. We will be using this information to dive deeper next week into how those parts help in different types of cells, and we will get to take a close up look at different types of cells in our first lab of the year.

Reading: This week we started our first novel study. We are working through R. J. Palacio's novel Wonder. It is a fantastic story where we get to explore the different points of views of many different characters. We will be using that information to see how the different points of view effect how the author chooses to tell the story, and how the other characters are seen through one another's eyes. We will also be making connections to how we see others through our eyes, and how what we see and what they are experiencing can be very different sometimes. Next week we will be continuing the novel and diving into Parts 2 through 4.

Friday, September 13th we are going to be taking our Renaissance Reading assessment.

Writing: At the end of last week we took our first writing assessment so I could see where students were and what skills we are going to focus on. This week we have done a lot of exploration with thesis statements and by next week students will have written their first polished essays of the year. We will be working on the body paragraphs tomorrow and then next week we will be focusing on how to effectively edit their papers and they will be typing their papers for their first item in their online portfolio.

Social Studies: This week we have started to build our class' American History Timeline. We started with depictions of the events that students presented in their slideshows last week. Today we will begin our study of the different battles of the American Revolution by putting ourselves in the shoes of the soldiers. We will be walking through each battle and discussing the effects that those battles had on the Colonists and the British. Next week we will continue our journey and we will end the week with an escape room style lesson about Valley Forge.

Fantasy Football (Math extension): Students have each created their own fantasy football teams. After the first week of the NFL regular season we have determined the stats of each of their players and have calculated the points that they have earned. As the season progresses we will be using this information to find out the averages of the players' stats, working on problem solving skills when a specific player doesn't do as well as they hoped how can they make changes for the following week to strengthen their team.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

The First Week

This week has been a lot of fun, getting to know the class and seeing how they interact with each other. There is a lot of laughing happening in the classroom as we get comfortable in our routines. Here is what this week has looked like:

Math: We have focused on our pre-test and we are starting our first units to refresh our math skills. We have also build our fantasy football teams where we will practice some statistic skills and math skills as the season starts.

Literacy: We have started our journals which we will write in often. We have also started to explore Readworks, this is an online program where students are introduced to many different varieties of texts and there are comprehension questions that accompany each text. They have received feedback on their answers and it has shown me some areas that we can build skills in for when we need to respond to text. We are also doing our first writing piece today to see where are writing skills are where we will grow this year.

Social Studies: We have started our first social studies activity. We are exploring some of the events that led up to the American Revolution. Students are working on slideshows with a partner and researching a specific event.

Homework: Homework this week has been a light as we get into a new routine. We will begin having more homework next week as we dive deeper into our math and as we start our first science unit.

Upcoming Events/Important Dates:

September 5th - First Volleyball game at home at 5pm
September 6th - First class breakfast trip to Banker's Cup for some class bonding!
September 10th - Open house from 3-4pm and Volunteer Video at 4pm
September 22nd - 175th Anniversary Mass - Sign up sheets are coming home for students in 3rd-8th grade to volunteer to help at Mass on that day.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Supply Day

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Welcome back everyone! I am excited to meet some new faces tomorrow at Supply Day. The classroom will be open from 10am-12pm. As students come in they will be able to put supplies away and to ask me any questions they have about the upcoming year. 

Headphones were not on our original supply list but if you have some at home that can be used at school please bring them with you, if you don't we will have some for students to borrow!

 I look forward to meeting everyone that can make it tomorrow and if you can't make it, I will see you Tuesday morning for our first day of school!